Thursday, March 29, 2012

think I work enough?

I was always against having a job in high school. In my mind high school is a time you should be concentrating on your studies and your friends and you would have plenty of time to work later on in life. So I currently do not have a job, but I feel as if I am constantly working. School is seriously crazy! We are writing research papers right now and I'm doing mine on the flaws in the education system, so for my community service hours, I am giving presentations at Jr. Highs and having them fill out service. I will never be a teacher. It is HARD work. In addition to that, I nanny for two of the cutest boys ever once a week and I was just asked to take on an extra day, so twice a week and I said yes! I have been so busy, sometimes I forget to eat. It's not that I don't want to. I just forget! It's the strangest thing how much I'm enjoying it though. I LOVE working with kids and that's what I've been doing every day! It's really funny, I find myself acting like them and saying things like "say bye bye", "no, no that's yucky!" or the best "I know your sad" haha, I say these things to my friends. Who are 17. They laugh at me!

These don't necessarily relate but they are still oh so funny!
Happy weekend friends!
I'm going to be 17 on Saturday! The big 1-7! I'm spending it watching General Confrence! :)

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