Thursday, January 19, 2012


little kids? they da best!
seriously i love em' i've got 4 little pals named marshell (2 monthes, i don't really get to play with this babe to much cause he stays by momma all the time!) BUT I've got scottie(1), eli(3) and german(5) who i babysit for atleast once a week, they are the sunshine in my clouds. Even on a day when not every thing goes right (heaven knows! when you have 3 little boys to account for every thing RARELY goes right) they make my day and today it was so so nice out we decided to ride bikes to the park for a picnic so here are some fun park pictures! :)

Scottie always keeps me company when the big boys play games!

All my little gents building a sand castle!

I look yuck but the boys faces are just too funny! :)

 Eli and German were very excited when I taught them to climb the tree!

These kids are seriously the cutest, they remind me every day of Christ with how much they are willing to help and how much love they have for everyone around them, they have no judgements and they help me to become better and kinder. They also make me happy and get me prepared to be a great momma one day! I love these boys with all my heart! What a blessing they are in my life!

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