Tuesday, September 27, 2011

happy, happy, joy, joy!

The past two days:
happy monday! 
this day was good for many reasons:
-morning practice this morning was a "free run"
run where ever you want as long as you get your milage.
my good pal tatum and i had crazy fun
-we sang the monday sucks song in anatomy
- GCU (Grand Canyon University) came and spoke to a few students today.
i'm so excited for college.
-I didn't have to go to math today!
for reason stated above
-the best two years soundtrack! take a listen if you haven't!
Although, along with this crazy fun monday came loads of homework, but a good attitude makes it all seem better!

I didn't do much worth telling about today.
Oh! I took a concussion test for cross country.
It was a waste of 50 minutes. Haha.
BUT I have a meet tomorow and no morning practice which means this girl gets to sleep in.
I did get homecoming pictures today!
My time to brag :)
Group picture! :) 

They had a cut out of captain america.
We couldn't resist.

Josh and I! :)

Pretty much the best group!
I still haven't asked these kids if I could put pictures of them on my blog.
I'm such a rebel! Breaking the law and all! ;)

Have an awesome week guys! Thanks for reading!

xo, Tessa :)

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