Thursday, December 2, 2010


Well, cross country season has ended! What a relief! Although, I do miss the team, the fitness and the killer tan, I'm so glad to be able to relax for a moment :) With finals coming up my world has been crazy so I'm grateful for the extra free time! I do love running though and I'm super excited for track, I love my teammates and the soupport and love they give me! Running is such a release from the world its just a time to think, it pushes me and I end doing way more then I thought I could, I am currently in training for a half marathon (13.1 mile race) and I am up to 6 miles! Wish me luck :)


  1. Tessa! So good to hear from you! Are you planning to go to EFY this year? If they let married people be counselors, I would so be there. Have you run the half marathon yet? I did one a couple years back, it was so much fun


  2. Andrea! I may do efy this year.... but it's gonna be in California or salt lake city because I have summer school.. (which is bummer but then I get seminary!! :D) I actually haven't done my half marathon... I wrote this a long time ago because I needed a blog so I could look at my friend Becca's hairflowers, haha I took a toll in my training when I got injured... I had some knee problems so, now I'm just taking a break, I want to do one very soon though!! :)